Our Vision

Shaping technology to fit humans’ needs is central to our motivation in understanding, designing and creating new ways for Human-Computer Interaction. We are especially interested in future collaborative work environments and finding new ways for technology to seamlessly blend with existing work practices. This specifically includes Human-Robot Collaboration scenarios, where we aim to design novel concepts for interaction and cooperation between humans and semi-autonomous robots.

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Who we are

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- Teaching -

What we teach

We offer a variety of Bachelor and Master courses to select from and deepen your interest in the field of Human-Computer Interaction.

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Various lectures and courses

If you are studying at the Westfälische Hochschule, we offer a variety of Bachelor and Master courses to select from and deepen your interest in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. All of our courses have a strong practical part which allows students to apply the new knowledge right away.

Software projects

Both, Bachelor and Master students can take part in a larger software project, where they work together with fellow students for two semesters on a real world project. The goal is not just to develop a software, but to learn and experience project management, understanding users and customer needs and basing all further development work on an innovative idea and a convincing concept. Finished projects are featured below.

Final papers and theses

We always have topics for final theses, both Bachelor and Master, available - just come and ask. Or in case you have your own idea, you are also invited to talk it through with us. Most of our topics are inspired by our research projects - so please, take a look at these.

Usability & Interaction Lab

Our lab is our social focal point and allows you to easily get in touch with us. The lab is widely used for teaching and research purposes. It provides the tools to collaboratively work together and the technology to create novel interaction designs. We also use it to run user studies and experiments for our research projects.

- Research -

What we research

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Our research projects

Our research projects cover various problem spaces and technologies in the context of Human-Computer Interaction. Currently, we have three larger areas of research with funded projects. One is concerned with the interaction design for Human-Robot Interaction in the context of people with severe physical disabilities. We try to empower people, e.g. with tetraplegia, by being able to collaborate with robotic devices both in the work spaces and at home. The second area of research is concerned with supporting co-located collaborative work spaces through the means of technology. Our challenge is to seamlessly blend technology into existing work practices and thereby preserving the advantages from the analog world. The third area of research investigates Augmented-/Virtual-Reality approaches in combination with Ubiquitous Computing to support sports and rehabilitation activities.


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