Research projects

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2021 - 2024
(Adaptive Freiheitsgradeinbettung als kooperatives Userinterface für einen Assistenzroboter)
In this project, the use of assistive robotic arms will be facilitated by the application of deep neural networks. A sensor-based situation recognition will be combined with an algorithm-based control to form an adaptive AI-based control system. Unlike with automatic control, the user retains control.

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Media Informatics - Quo Vadis?

2020 - 2022
(Gestaltung akademischer Curricula im Kontext der Digitalisierung)
Over the next two years, a project team at the Westfälische Hochschule will develop a viable concept for „media informatics of the future“ as well as an implementation strategy. This includes the expansion or restructuring of modules and course contents, which are to be taught in a more thematically and context-related manner.

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Next Level Sports

2019 - 2022
(XR Technologien und Ubiquitous Computing für Sport- und Bewegungsanwendungen)
In the research project “Next Level Sports” (NLS), we aim to develop experience-oriented virtual, augmented and mixed reality sports and exercise offers. Application scenarios cover professional sports as well as rehab and health prevention.

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Finished projects

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2017 -2020
(Physische Mensch-Roboter Interaktion für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben)
In the research project MobILe - Human-Robot Interaction for a Self-determined Life, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the conception as well as the opportunities and limitations of an assistance system for tetraplegics are explored by using a room-installed robotic arm for food consumption.

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2017 - 2021
(Mensch-Roboter Interaktion im Arbeitsleben bewegungseingeschränkter Personen)
MIA - Human-Robot Interaction at the Workplace. This research focuses on re-introducing severely disabled people into the job market by designing solutions within the scope of Human-Robot Collaboration. It combines sensor technologies with novel interaction design. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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2018 - 2021
(CSCW und Interaktionsdesign für kollaborative kreative Arbeitsumgebungen)
As automization and artificial intelligence take over more and more manual labor, the one area where humans provide unique capabilites is creative work. In this project we aim to explore the collaborative work practices of creative thinkers and workers and look for possibilities to enhance and support these through technology.

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