Media Informatics - Quo Vadis?

Designing Academic Curricula for the Digital World

(Gestaltung akademischer Curricula in Zeiten der Digitalisierung)


How can issues of digital transformation be integrated into a higher education curriculum in computer science? What do contemporary teaching and learning look like and which competencies, methods, and contents should be in the focus? Can project-based and research-based teaching and learning help to enable graduates to think in problem-solving systems? Over the next two years, a project team at the Westfälische Hochschule will develop a viable concept for „media informatics of the future“ as well as an implementation strategy. This includes the expansion or restructuring of modules and course contents, which are to be taught in a more thematically and context-related manner. A focus on research, visualization, and evaluation methods and the anchoring of interface competencies such as creativity and critical thinking are also part of this strategy. The „Curriculum 4.0 NRW – Designing Academic Curricula for the Digital World“ funding project is being financed by the NRW Ministry of Culture and Science in cooperation with the Stifterverband für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Innovation (Donors‘ Association for Education, Science and Innovation) and the „Digital University NRW“ for a period of two years and will be developed in a team under the direction of Prof. Becker and Prof. Gerken.